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Prices are $200 per shoot. This consists of around 2-3 hours of shooting, typically the first 30 minutes of which is spent discussing your ideas and goals for the shoot. There is no limit to the number of wardrobe changes or photos to be taken. The average session consists of around 180-300 photos. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I do not do MAJOR Photoshop work of your photos. I am more than aware of a woman's concerns about her body image and am happy to help make these areas less prominent though positioning, lighting and minor retouching. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- about one week to complete the editing of your photos. However if you have an immediate need of a few new photos, I can have approximately 3-5 ready with in 48 hours

Call +961-3619986 or email eventsphotovideo@gmail.com to get 20% discount.

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