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Lebanese Weddings in Lebanon

Lebanese weddings in Lebanon are festive events from beginning to the end. When it comes to Lebanese weddings there is no such thing as small and private as it is primarily custom to have huge celebrations beginning with the engagement.

As with many traditional engagements in Lebanese culture it is customs for the groom to be to go with his parents to his future bride's home in order to ask her parents if he can marry their daughter. Once the parents agree the families join together in celebration with an engagement party which typically includes cake, drinks and a long night of dancing. Once the engagement is confirmed, the couple as with many other couples, begin planning their wedding as well as the rest of their lives together.

One week prior to the wedding is when the real partying begins. The bride's family throws what is called a Sharet Arouss for the bride and her family. The party is not for anyone except for the bride and he family but at the end of the evening the groom is invited to attend and he is often greed with a celebration. Many view this celebration as being much like a wedding but it doesn't include the groom the entire time or his invited guests. Typically while the bride's family is throwing this party for the bride, the groom's family is throwing a similar party.

While every bride can always expect her wedding day to be extremely long, in Lebanon weddings are much longer and eventful and begins first thing in the morning. During the morning the bride and her wedding party are invited to get their hair and make up done and then they return to the bride's house where a party is held before the wedding. The bride is literally in her dress al day long and her family and friends are invited to this party to celebrate the bride before she meets her groom to say I do. This event normally entails drinks, flowers and souvenirs and lots of partying. During this time the groom is expected to send red roses to the house where the party is being held.

Once the party commences the parents of the groom arrive at the church while the groom and groomsmen wait at the church. The future in laws are then tasked with the responsibility to gift the bride with a necklace that she is expected to wear on her wedding day. Once she has been presented with this gift then everyone heard to the church to meet her groom. Upon arrival the bride is greeted outside of the church with a celebration and once inside the church the groom and bride walk inside the church together to begin their formal ceremony which is estimated to last about one hour or more. Once the wedding ceremony concludes as with most weddings, a reception is held. Drinks are passed out and the party continues as everyone joins together to celebrate this monumental occasion.

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