Wedding planning can be exciting but as your big day approaches it can actually become pretty exhausting. In fact, many individuals know just how exhausting wedding planning can be and opt to hire a wedding planner specifically so they won’t have to worry about every intricate detail associated with their wedding day. If you’re one of those many people who doesn’t have the additional money to hire a wedding planner then this wedding planning checklist in Lebanon is just what you need to insure your Lebanon wedding is everything you want it to be without the added stress.

Work Out Your Budget

Your budget is one of the most important things in your entire wedding plan. Your budget literally determines everything. It will determine where your wedding will be, what flowers you will have, what dress you will buy and most of all your attendee list will depend on what your budget is.

Choose Your Colors

While this may seem like a very small detail of your wedding planning it’s actually relatively important. Choosing your colors will help you set the tone for your wedding day. It will also help you determine what your bridesmaids and grooms will wear as well as what color flowers will be used on your special day.

Compile Your Wedding List

Once you have gathered your budget it’s time to start planning out your wedding guest list. If you and your groom are expecting to pay for everything you will want to send out invitations relatively early to make sure that you have an adequate headcount before the wedding arrives. Because weddings in Lebanon are relatively festive knowing who will be attending what portion of your wedding will help you keep an eye on your budget.

Choose Your Wedding Party

Some brides and grooms will choose not to have a wedding party because they want the wedding to focus solely on them. If you are opting to have a wedding party you will want to make sure you create this list early just in case your brides and grooms need to buy special attire in order to be a part of the wedding.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

While it may not be the most cost efficient idea, consider hiring a wedding planner. Many people look to wedding planners to help alleviate the stress. Even if you choose to hire a wedding planner at the very end it could be helpful in order to make sure you don’t fall apart on your big day.

Send Out Invitations

While many people will opt for sending out invitations and save the dates, whatever you do it’s important that you get RSVPs in as soon as possible. While save the dates are fancy and an added touch to your wedding, they’re not necessary and it actually costs you more money to send out both invitations and save the dates. If you want to make sure people save the date and RSVP in time make sure you just simply send out the invitations early enough for people to decide if they are able to attend or not.

There are several things that need to be done leading up to your wedding in Lebanon and while this checklist is a great start it’s not all inclusive. Happy Planning!

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