Photography Checklist

Photography Checklist

Photography Checklist

Having a wedding photographer who works professionally will give you the reassurance you need that you’ll receive the pictures that you want, the way you want them for your big day. Before your wedding day however you will want to ask your wedding photographers very specific questions. Once you have asked these questions and hired a photographer the work is only beginning as you will want to make sure you take several things into consideration when planning your wedding photos. Although their are several different options for capturing candid moments there are literally some shots you don’t want your photographer to miss. While many would think the photography checklist in Lebanon would be a bit different than any other places the checklist is still quite similar. Here are just a few things you need to keep on your checklist when preparing for your wedding photographer in Lebanon.

Decide What Moments You Must Have Captured

There are certain photos that every bride and groom want to capture. Whether it’s when the bride first greets her groom or the hours leading up to the wedding, every bride and groom has their special moment. It’s important not to wait until the day of your wedding to discuss these items with your photographer. If you are interested in having a traditional Lebanese wedding you make even want to discuss having your wedding photographer begin shooting as early as four days before your wedding which is when most Lebanese traditional weddings begin.

Think About Your Wedding Theme

Many brides and grooms choose very specific locations for their weddings simply for the scenery. If there are important aspects of your weddings theme or scenery that you want to make sure is captured in photos make sure you share those details with your photographer. Sharing this information will provide guidance to your photographer and also let he or she know if perhaps they may need to bring additional props or even lighting.

Share Specific Traditions

As mentioned above, every couple has their own set of traditions they may want to put emphasis on. If you have traditions that you would like to be unveiled in photos, share those with your photographer ahead of time. If there’s a big moment that happens after the wedding that you will want to remember forever, make sure your photographer knows where to be present so he or she can capture that moment for you.

Give Your Photographer Your Table Seating List

Again, this may seem like a very small part of your wedding day but again anything you can do to make your photographer’s job easier, just do it. Providing them a list of your table seating list will help them navigate through the crowds of unfamiliar faces. It will also give the photographer a chance to easier capture moments of particularly special people in your life such as the parents or siblings of the bride and groom. Remember, your photographer in most cases is a spectator and if you can help them before your wedding day arrives it alleviates this tress from everybody.

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