Finding the best place for a wedding in Lebanon is only the tip of the iceberg when planning for your wedding in Lebanon. Believe it or not your wedding reception location is just as important as your wedding location as this will be the place where your wedding activities will commence. Here are just a few wedding receptions ideas in Lebanon that can hopefully get you started on planning the wedding reception of your dreams no matter what your budget is.

Local Hotels

Lebanon is home to some of the top hotels in the world from five star hotels to traditional American hotels that just so happen to call Lebanon home. Practically every local hotel in Lebanon has a reception hall and depending on the size of your attendee list, can accommodate the needs of practically any party. Prior to selecting a local hotel for your wedding reception in Lebanon you may want to consult with the hotel’s event planner as some hotels have party restrictions that you will want to be aware of prior to your party. It is also important to consult the hotel on prices to insure that the hotel you select is within your budget.

Local Museums

Often times museums are often overlooked for parties, weddings and even wedding receptions in Lebanon. Most people think of museums as historical areas only and while they were designed to showcase historical artifacts, there are extremely creative ways that a museum can be transformed into a wedding or reception venue. In Lebanon there are several museums who rent the areas outside of the museum to bride’s and grooms specifically for wedding receptions. This not only allows your guest to fully embrace the Lebanon experience but it gives them the chance to take in the scenery and history around them.

Local Lebanon Greeneries/Gardens

Lebanon is home to some of the most beautiful greeneries and gardens that have been known to be premiere destinations for wedding parties for both receptions and weddings. Many of these gardens have saids to be able to hold upwards of 1,000 guests and if you’re traveling with a much lighter crowd, they too can be accommodated. Best of all, the setup of these areas can be as intricate or as simple as you would like them to be as the scenery alone make these gardens and greeneries magical places to celebrate your nuptials.

Local Lebanon Universities

Believe it or not, Lebanon’s universities are amazing choices for both weddings and wedding receptions. Whether you are looking to set up outside the university or in a reception hall on campus. Lebanon has a plethora of universities to choose from and the prices range depending on what exactly you are looking for. Hosting a reception on a local university will give your guests an opportunity to experience the educational culture of Lebanon first hand all while celebrating you and your spouse to be’s exciting day.

Have you recently attended or had a wedding in Lebanon? What reception ideas in Lebanon do you have? Leave your comments below.

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